Single words Edit

A collection of words Josh has mispronounced, mixed up or otherwise butchered.

Witticisms Edit

Words of wisdom from Josh. Although there are many, here are some highlights.

"I might have been born last night, but I wasn't born yesterday."
"But women and cars have a couple of things in common. Some cars are older, some cars are newer."
Fish is a dairy product because it has protein in it like milk.
"It's amazing when you become a little bit drunk how self aware you are of how shitty you are of a singer."
If he were the president of the U.S., he'd pull the troops from Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran.

Favourite phrases Edit

Words and expressions Josh loves to use which are occuring in almost every video.

  • What's good, youtube
  • Well anyways, youtube, this is KingCobraJFS with another video, I'll catch y'all (later/on the flipside).
  • Trust and believe
  • I guaran-fucking-tee you
  • My trusty [random object]
  • That's what's up
  • Thing of it is, youtube
  • Yeah buddy
  • "Scuse me" (after sneezing, coughing or deliberately farting and belching)
  • You have no idea/You don't even know
  • It is what it is.
  • Here's the thing (slick).